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Of course we have some tricks up our sleeve - that's how we can do this for a living. That said we are always happy to help you understand our approach to online marketing (if you have a few hours to listen to us ramble on!). We believe that the more you understand, the happier you will be with what we provide.

Luckily, we have our approach nailed to help even our online newbies make the transition to savvy online marketing buyer as quick as you can say search engine marketing!

5 Steps to a More Visible Online Business:

STEP 1: You Talk

Tell us what you do and what makes your business unique. Not sure what we are looking for? No problem - we will talk you through what we need to know!

STEP 2: We Dig

Based on our discussion, we research your business online, your competitors, current rankings, and visibility and benchmark your business' online performance.

STEP 3: We Dig Some More (and create an action plan)

This time we look into keywords, 1000s of them. We look into what might be the best combination and range of key terms for your business to match it with what customers are searching for. That way we ensure that they find you in all stages of their buying cycle. The plan gives you a blow-by-blow overview of our activities, transparency and peace of mind

STEP 4: We Implement and Improve

Based on everything we now know about your business we put our planning into action. We update, fix, jig, change, shift and whoosh - magic starts happening.

STEP 5: We Report and Communicate

Every month we report back to you what's been done, how we did and what we are planning for the next period. You will have a chance to ask questions, dig deeper into the data and make sure that you build your confidence and understanding of search marketing.

Give us a Go

We don't have long-complicated contracts, nor do we try to pull the wool over your eyes. We're a dedicated, fun-loving, hard-working team who will help you get results from your online marketing efforts. We treat all our customers' projects with the utmost integrity and respect, as if they were our own, and we are sure to impress!

Get in touch, call, email, or stop by. We are all ears and ready to put our thinking caps on and to roll up our virtual sleeves to help your business make the most of the internet.

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