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Your website is finally launched and it looks perfect. You wouldn't change a thing, not even one pixel! And then you move and need to update your office address, some of your products go out of stock or you need to update your service offering, or your marketing manager cuts her hair and needs her photo exchanged. Now what? If you bought a site from us, you would log in to your Umbraco account from your device of choice, make the change, re-publish and log out. Job done!

In our storybook a beautiful website, meets a good content management system and they live happily ever after. That's why whenever we build a website we implement it on our favourite CMS: Umbraco.

Why, you say? Because it gives you absolute control over design elements, styles, fonts, and layout so when our designers are done, you don't need to pay for us to do your content updates, edits, or deletions - we want you to be in control!

So what am I able to do with Umbraco as my website back end?

  • Edit images, texts, links, styles, headings
  • Create pages using a selection of your own templates
  • Add user-restrictions and publishing controls so that different users can see and do different things
  • Handle many an unlimited number languages
  • Manage galleries, videos, pdfs, and more
  • Update front page offers, news and more
  • Run your blog with Umbraco Blog
  • Insert all the SEO tags, scripts, descriptions, and tid-bits that you need

Don't think you will need to change or update your site? Think again. The search engines are evolving what they consider relevant and up to date - here today, gone tomorrow. But with our CMS, you are sure to stay ahead of the game and your competitors!

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