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If you have been paying attention to any of the stuff we've been writing on this site, this will come as no surprise: we know what we are talking about and have the references and case studies to support it (we heard that it's not bragging if you can back it up?). The bottomline is that we make our client's online performance figures improve month over month, year over year, year after year. Without exception. We constantly improve performance and break our own records! Win-win!

Case Study: What Happens When Vestibule Takes Over Your Entire Online Presence?

When taking stock at the start of our engagement, here is what we were up against:

  • Introducing a new brand to the market
  • Rebranded website that wasn’t completed and market-ready
  • PPC was not performing
  • Traffic driven to the website didn’t convert
  • Intermediaries as the main booking source
  • Subsequent low direct revenue and large commissions to OTAs
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Case Study: Why Cheap Website Design and SEO Will Cost You And How to Turn it Around?

  • Low cost and damaging SEO practices
  • Website design, optimization and content organisation didn’t convert visitors
  • Intermediaries as the main booking source
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Case Study: Cooler coNversioN

  • A stylish, but poorly organized and optimised website
  • High bounce rates and low conversion rates
  • High cost-per-conversion
  • A competitive landscape and Staying Cool were a relatively new entrant to the marketplace
  • Intermediaries as their main booking source
  • And subsequently lower direct website revenue
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Case Study: How To Market a New Entrant Into the Marketplace?

  • The resort was a new entrant to the marketplace.
  • There was no pre-launch or opening marketing.
  • It had a new website and URL with no online visibility or history.
  • The Beach Club faced tough competition.
  • There was little to no off-season (Winter Season) demand for the Algarve.
  • There was an economic down-turn negatively affecting demand.
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Case Study: How To Give Your Business a Post-Launch Marketing Boost It Needs?

  • The Spa had been open for two months.
  • The Spa had opened without any launch campaign.
  • No e-marketing activities had been done and the site did not have online visibility within 100+ search results.
  • There was no linking and no pages listed on most of the major search engines.
  • The site has multiple languages and no optimisation
  • had done for any of the languages including English.
  • The site was not designed following SEO practices
    PDF_Icon_Small.png Read more here.

Case Study: A Challenge of David And Goliath

  • New entrant to the marketplace
  • No online visibility or website authority
  • Fierce competition in one of the biggest marketplaces in the world
  • Almost 100% of booking via third parties
  • No direct strategy to increase revenue via the website
  • Lack of brand awareness in the market
  • Limited budget
  • Building brand awareness within constrained resources.
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Case Study: PPC - A Small price to pay

  • Low demand to the Baltics region due to the recession
  • Weak occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR
  • Tough competition and new entrants to all of Reval's markets
  • High cost of paid search and cost per click (CPC).
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