Innovation & Marketing

Vestibule Marketing Ltd develops and supplies innovative software and internet-based services for hotels, serviced apartments and vacation rentals. We believe innovation, automation, and marketing are essential to growing accommodation businesses, bringing: more direct customers and revenue, achievable scalability and brand stickiness.

Vestibule Marketing - 12 years in the making

Vestibule Marketing was formed in 2007 and has been providing services and software for the accommodation and hospitality industry since then. The main brand of Vestibule Marketing is elina, which was established in 2009.

‘Vestibule’, means connected rooms, or one room that leads to another, and so that underpins our ethos. We facilitate and help connect and market accommodation with guests.

Our main office is in Putney Bridge in London, SW15, and our company and team culture are summed up by always innovate, get things done, be flexible and agile, make informed decisions and be helpful wherever we can.


elina PMS

We focus on making growth easier for you, so you can focus on giving your guests a great experience, promoting your brand and maintaining and innovating in your accommodation business. Elina is a cloud-based software accessible from web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, which works on desktop or mobile. It is personalized to each user through their settings and permissions.

Today hotels, serviced apartments and vacation rentals in over 20 countries are using elina software to manage their reservations, guests, invoicing, websites, reports and more.

We have an in-house digital marketing and web design team that works on projects for customers which build website traffic, increase direct bookings and improve guest engagement.

Leadership team


    Managing Director and Founder
    Our Founder and Managing Director, Christopher has worked to build the elina brand and software organically over the last decade. Prior to setting up Vestibule Marketing Ltd, Christopher led software projects for Northrop Grumman, in the USA and was involved in early-stage mobile banking.
    Commercial Director
    Operating as the Commercial Director, Duncan, joined the journey at the start of 2017. Prior to becoming a Director at Vestibule Marketing, Duncan, was CEO of STAAH, a New Zealand based software for hotels enterprise and worked in India, Malaysia and South Korea in Country Manager Roles for